Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Success in California to Uphold Prop. 8

I am proud of the justice that was exemplified today. The voice of the people was upheld by the 7 justices. I know the world was waiting to hear the verdict of Prop. 8 and now the world knows that although California may have many other issues....we do NOT recognize same-sex marriage.
The ruling wasn't a total success with the 18,000 same-sex marraiges recognized but it is no longer legal, which I am sure will cause more confusion within the state.

As I discuss the issue more and more it comes down to this:

Yes on Prop. 8- people who believe that gay and lesbians are NOT born like that.
No on Prop. 8- people who beileve that gay and lesbians ARE born like that.

And again, EVERYONE in California has the right to marriage.... it just depends on their choice. I am happy to be from California and not from Iowa, Vermont, Conneticut, Massachusettes or any other state that is in favor of same-sex marraige.


Amy said...

You know, I think it comes down to whether you think homosexuality is a perversion or not. And by definition, perversion is NOT normal, therefore people who think it is not normal don't want it normalized via marriage in society.

I understand why the justices decided to keep those marriages legal, but at the same time I think it was a retarded move because it is going to keep this a HOT issue and leaves emotions running high. Also, the justices are not supposed to be able to overwrite legislation willy-nilly, and leaving those marriages legal lets those justices get away with legislating from the bench.

Brian and Courtni said...

we were happy to hear this on the news this morning. it would have been such a slap in the face to voters to have the majority overruled. 2 months from yesterday we move back to the states...so, see you soon :-)

Tyler said...

I agree that it was nice to see the vote upheld. But I completely disagree with your second point. I don't think it has anything to do with people believing that being gay is something you are with.

I happen to think it's perfectly feasible, and almost certain, that some people are born with same-sex attraction. But even if it wasn't, how would that change things if being gay was a nature/nurture discussion?

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michu61 said...

people shouldn't be able to VOTE on others' RIGHT to marry whom they choose

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